MotionLock V3

For decades, a steadicam came as bulky piece of equipment that you would strap to the body of an experienced operator. Or it would be a small handheld device, requiring you to carry not only the camera and it's own weight, but also a considerable amount of counter-weights in one hand.
So you either had a perfect result with limited agility of your operator for long durations or limited results with perfect agility for very short durations.

To solve these problems we have built the MotionLock system to offer you a light-weight, gyro-stabilised gimbal for DSLRs and film cameras, that can be used handheld or mounted to a model aircraft.

Technical data

Frame: Modular, made from carbon fibre and aluminium
CPU: Embbeded RISC micro-controller
Stabilisation: 3 or 2-axis (roll/pitch/yaw) via digital inertial measurement unit (IMU)
Actuation: Closed-loop direct-drive
Payload: Cameras & gear up to ~4.5kg (~10lbs)
Power supply: 12V rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery for up to three hours continous use
Duty cycle: 15 minutes to continous use depending on payload weight and ambient conditions
Operator control: Standalone with thumb wheels and/or micro joystick or remote via our 2.4GHz remote control


Every unit is hand-made to the specifications of its customer. Just drop us a note and we will contact you shortly to discuss your special requirements.

The basic unit comes with a mount for DSLRs, thumbwheel control, two batteries, a charger, cables and configuration software.

The following optional extras are available:
  • Mount for multi-copters
  • Bluetooth module with app for Android (in develpoment)
  • 480p/576p video wireless link with receiver
  • 1080p video wireless link with receiver
  • Mounting kit for RED Epic (tm) and BlackMagic Cinema cameras
  • Mounting kit for Sony FS700 and BlackMagic Pocket cameras
  • 2.4Ghz wireless remote control with control monitor
  • External battery
  • External battery connector for Anton-Bauer (tm) systems
  • Onboard power supply for camera
  • Ruggedized IP68 transport case
  • Battery insulation kit for use in cold climates
  • Mounting kit for cranes etc.
Should you need a feature not listed here feel free to ask for it...

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to operate?
Not for a steadycam operator. But you'll be able to get amazing results right out of the box without any training when filming 'normal' scenes with plain stabilisation. Using the thumbwheels while filming takes some practice, but in most cases training takes hours not days.

Can I use it right out of the box?
No. For every camera/lens combination, you'll have to adjust the 'centre of gravity' (COG) of the gimbal for the stabilisation to work properly. Initial setup can take up to half an hour, but you quickly will develop a feeling for the initial position and then it will be done in five minutes. For very light and very heavy cameras you might have to change additional parameters through the configuration software.

What operating systems does the configuration software run on?
MacOS, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux

What's does 'duty cycle' mean?
The higher the weight of the payload, the more power is needed to stabilise it. More power means more heat is generated and depending on the ambient conditions (temperature & wind) the motors heat up more or less quickly. But we have filmed with RED Epic (tm) cameras in the desert at 42°C for up to 15 minutes without any problems. Just check the motors from time to time when operating. If they are hot to the touch, power down. Also make shure to power off the gimbal when not in use.

In what kinds of environments can it be used?
In many. The motors really don't mind a splash of rain, as does the controller. We have tested it between -20°C (-4°F) and +42°C (+108°F). As with all electronic camera gear, you shouldn't let it lie in direct sunlight. Also the batteries need to be kept warm in very cold weather.

What are the limits of stabilisation?
By it's design, it can't compensate up/down movments and turns around it's vertical axis. It also finds it's limits when external forces become to big, i.e. holding it out a helicopter door or a car window while doing 80mph won't work because of too much aerodynamic drag.

What features does the Bluetooth module offer?
You can configure the MotionLock via an Android app and you can also do moves with preprogrammed motion paths. This actually turns the MotionLock into a computer controlled remote head.